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Midnight Black
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I bought this car used in 2015. It was definitely a compromise with my wife, for the 1-2 times a year she would drive it, hence the automatic and the non-blown version. I had a 2003 Mini Cooper S that I absolutely loved as much as she absolutely hated it, because it was rough riding and she really didn't want g-force turns, stops and starts. We bought it on Valentine's Day which is not significant to the purchase, just was a Saturday and we were both off. It has had little problems so far, replacing all the coil packs, and a leaking thermostat cover. It has 88,000 miles and as of today has 122K! I recently replaced all disk pads and front rotors and it is on its 3rd set of tires, 1st and 2nd before me. I replace the door speakers because they were mostly static sound. I though they were blown but they are not. Months after I got it home I realized the large side window on the drivers side has been replaced, with a defroster one that is not hooked up. I believe that poor installation is also the source of the clunk I hear when sharp bumps are hit. I have also replaced the rear door latch as it broke while shutting once, and of course the mini dealer is over an hour away. They replaced it and did not reinstall the hinge which caused the light to dangle and the wires broke off so the rear door light is not working. Mostly I drive it in DS because it seems confused by slowing on corners and trying to actually accelerate away. I actually thought you could never lug and automatic, but this one surely lugs every time and when it downshifts it goes from 3rd to 1st unless you manually shift it. Simply put I may never be as happy with it as I was with the '03 S and there are about 45 reasons. I ordered the S and waited for 18 months for it to arrive with all I wanted, and nothing I didn't want.
2009 MINI Cooper Clubman (Midnight Black)


K/N air Filter
Anthracite and wears like iron
Midnight Black with Silver Accent. No extra anything
Don't like it most of the time but it works
Wheel and Tire
Stock 15" Silver New Tires are 60 series and one size larger than the 65 series Korean tires



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