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General Information

Cooper RS
Chilli, Chrono, Chrome int, Chrome ext, Sports Suspension+, Visibility, Storage.
A couple of previous owners, bought by me in 2013 with 27,000 miles.

The car is a demo really, for items installed that can be fitted to other cars, or offered for passenger laps at Oulton Park or Anglesey.

The Cooper RS is an apt name, for a car that has in excess of 230whp and 180wtq, fitted with a number of custom tuning parts, by me, set up by 1320.

The car is for sale in totally standard trim, or any of the current enhancements to be included if required. I won't remove them until the car has a buyer. There is little point when someone may want to purchase items it has.

The car is cosmetically largely unmolested, deliberately retaining most of the 'stock' image at first glance. The seats have only just been added for a track day in November, and are for sale also.
2005 Mini Cooper RS (Black)


Here we have all that makes this an RS, not 'all' information detail is for disclosure, but the list includes at the moment, a GTT 17% reduction pulley, a GP intercooler and diverter, a JCW 210 airbox with functional valve and another alteration, an Exclusive Workshops camshaft by Kent Cams. There are 'H' beam connecting rods with ARP L19 bolts, and race big end bearings, with King main bearings, ARP cylinder head studs, GTT alloy flywheel, Helix sprung centre plate and LUK clutch cover with BMW release bearing currently. NGK BKR7EIX spark plugs currently, ITG air cleaner element, Exclusive Workshops custom stainless manifold with adaptions by Maniflow, stainless silenced decat pipe (with further development manifold, decat pipe, and 200cpi sport cat for further testing), Vibratechnics fast road engine mount set, JCW catback exhaust, Exclusive Workshops transmission featuring modified casing, Quaife ATB LSD and Elite Racing Transmissions involute dog box kit including final drive reduction. ByteTroniK engine management software with Ford Motorsport Bosch 550cc injectors custom mapped to suit various engine spec, OEM pistons currently, Allstage BV cylinder head currently featuring G&S larger exhaust valves and G&S standard size inlet valves, Supertech valve springs with titanium top caps and spring seats with Exclusive Workshops customised locks, Gates belt, ATI Super damper, and not yet installed Wossner piston kit and Billet crankshaft, plus Lohen BV cylinder head (for sale) featuring Schrick larger exhaust and inlet valves. (also for sale is the currently installed Supertech valve spring kit).
Inside the car, there is a Coolerworx gear lever, modified for this vehicle preference, retaining the lever gaiter. There is an Innovate wideband gauge in a heater vent, and as of November there are new Sparco Rev2 bucket seats on Race Safety Accessory steel, or alloy mounts directly to floor, currently using the alloy option.

Keeping the driver and passenger in place are Sparco four point bolt in harnesses fitted with no interior trim disruption other than utilising the rear seat belt anchorages. These had to be fitted having deferred for as long as possible not wanting to alter the interior, but it just isn't possible to keep occupants still on track now without them.

There is an OBD2 extension cable and wideband input cable that sit in the central storage compartment for use with the ByteTroniK Miniport and data logging purposes.
The exterior is original bar the recent addition of an Atomspeed scoop and recently some brand new genuine BMW R112 alloy wheels. The original Ronal Web Design split rim wheels which had been previously refurbished are retained for refitting to the car upon sale. Unfortunately they will no longer fit with GP2 size brakes!
This is factory unchanged
Wheel and Tire
Wheels originally were factory Ronal Web Design split rims, fully refurbished to OEM specification by Pristine Wheels (OEM Warranty reconditioning second to none), again refurbished in 'Sparkle' as found on Audi wheels for example, running on Federal RSR595's, then to cover the brakes brand new genuine BMW R112's were added with a new set of tyres.



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