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Mini Cooper 35th Anniversary
Almond Green with Porcelain Green leather
Custom Exclusive Workshops Development
This spectacular little car I have owned from new!

It was used for tuning development over it's first few years and up to 2005 where the last time it was used for any specific distance, was driving to Germany and completing six laps of the Nurburgring. Largely since then, the little car has been stored, only a few local photo's have been taken, and some Mot tests with little or no use in between.

I worked at Rover when this was bought, and I have pictures of it in front of my desk, plus the application form required to request an order for one which was not used. There is a briefcase full of papers including most of the petrol receipts.

The car at the time of John Cooper Garages work, where their Si cars produced 84hp, this car produced 89hp with regular unleaded and 91.5hp with Super Unleaded. Later it was producing 95hp with it's last and current incarnation producing ~97hp which went to Germany.

The car has 100% original panels and trim, and original paint from the 'A' pillars back. Paint was only required at all due to a Rover garage on the Wirral scratching the engine bay during engine removal. Consequently the entire engine bay was refinished in gloss rather than the colour coded primer used in the period. Also the boot interior was completely painted, and the sills plus the inner wings.

Shortly after this a few pals encouraged me to clean it for a show and shine one day, and in a hurried attempt by them to do so gained it a little second place shiny thing. I carried on this theme for a few years, not winning anything, but a couple of bits and recognition, and always the best parking. It did come in the top ten for Mini Magazines Best Mini In The World competition at Mini 40 held at Silverstone, for which the entry plaque is still attached to the bulkhead.

Presently this little car doesn't want to start for the first time, for which I don't blame it. I left it just a year or two too many as far as I'm concerned, and the stale fuel as a consequence, appears to have prevented the fuel pump from operating, so I will look at this imminently in 2018.

The car is believed possibly the last one registered having had to be registered by the 30th September 1996 for DVLA/emissions reasons and this was done on the 9th September. It has 64,500 miles. There is one hole that has been added into the bulkhead for an engine steady.
1996 Rover Mini Cooper 35th Anniversary (Almond Green with Porcelain Green leather)


Here there are changes. The car was Blueprinted in 1996 by D.S. Motorsport, at 471 miles. I'll shorten the story, but it was to be receiving a kit from John Cooper garages I was to install myself following a meeting with them, hence the light bar above.....Anyway, D.S. Motorsport were Championship winning engine builders for Formula Ford, Formula First, Formula 2000, and builders of school car engines for Silverstone's single seater cars, Formula Malaysia, and he himself was a '70's Rally Cross Champion if I recall. The car was set up by Peter (God) Baldwin and always has been.

The original build has a build sheet in the briefcase, with figures quoted above, which essentially was a Janspeed LCB, Janspeed cat back with decat, Exclusive Workshops Kent development cam, Vernier adjustable cam gear with duplex chain, revised oil pressure, heavy duty Vandervell bearings, lightened and balanced, bores corrected, cleaned and faced, Bryan Slark BV cylinder head with revised spec to suit camshaft, added later, Titan full roller 1.5:1 high lift rockers, valve geometry adjusted, MG 'relieved' alloy rocker cover, K&N filtercharger element, later a Ramair foam filter with baseplate and full radius SPi ram pipe, FSE valve, Ultimate SPi engine steady, original Cooper S lower n/s engine steady, Twin Point top engine steady bushes, John Cooper Garages 3.44:1 final drive with correct speedo drive gears, (original 3.2:1 retained). later, conversion to twin 1&1/2 inch SU carburettors, custom SPi engine bay harness, relocated coolant temp sensor, SPi ECU retained running ignition and alarm, high pressure fuel pump retained with reverse fuel pressure regulation, central oil pick up. Later one off stainless Janspeed cat back with silenced tailpipe, (custom stainless version of JCG mile steel Si catback). Block painted Audi 'Mars Red'.
Interior is factory original 100%
The only exterior changes from factory are a light bar from the John Cooper Garages Mini Cooper 'Grand Prix' given to me by John Cooper and Tony Franks/Mike Cooper in 1996, and the wheels which I had refurbished for no reason at all other than I really liked the idea of a diamond turned rim, and the only black that was available was a solid black. The original finis was a painted silver rim with an anthracite centre, and the transition from one to the other wasn't 'sharp', being done I believe using sponge as a masking during manufacture.
The stereo is retained, with the code switched of using the manual, and then removed for exchange with one from an MG ZS 140 which is a CD player, fitted for the journey to Germany and as yet not restored to the car. Writing this has reminded me I need to.
Wheel and Tire
Wheels are original, refurbished as mentioned above, fitted wit Yokahama A539's.



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