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pure silver
salt pack
bought in 2014 6months after selling my very fast cooper s. He had 90k when i got him now almost 3 yrs later he has only gained 22k,now sitting at 112k

modifications have been little to none, the most significant upgrade performance wise was a pipercross air filter which failed after 500 mls..
so a standard paper element was refitted.

cosmetically he has had some subtle improvements.

as seen below he has had the brake calipers painted vht paint and the entire exhaust has also been sprayed with vht paint.

condition? he has been in the "wars" if you like, he has some scratches here and some minor dings there but nothing too significant
the worst of which is a set of scratches on the bonnet that was caused by a cats claws.

wheel wise they will eventually be refubished because they are covered in digs and oxidation.

Interior? well its ok'ish the bolster on the drivers seat is alittle frayed and the carpets are in desperate need of a steam clean
other than that interior wise its ok..

Mechanical work? its been one of the most reliable cars ive owned, the only major expence was a set of tires that cost a shade over £200
and an oxygen sensor that cost me £45 other than those 2 things
she has had a new gear knob £3 and thats it..

Why sell my cooper s? it was a beast with over 250hp at the crank it was alot of fun but since my job had moved me into the city i didnt require the hp and costs became abundant with it doing 20mpg which at the time was crippling my wallet so it had to go.

I thought about a replacement and you can guess what caught my eye
but what really caught my eye a mini one and a mini cooper that was advertised in the local paper
both looked quite good so i went to have a look..

Upon first impressions the cooper was good BUT!! upon further inspection it was very untidy its main issues were a very rusty underbody bald tires and a cracked windscreen i added up the cost of repairs and after thinking about it i walked away

the mini one however was a great car. Underbody wise it had a little surface rust but nothing severe the body was ok and the engine and gearbox was healthy so after a 30min testdrive i brought it!.

and that mini one is the car that im still driving almost 3 yrs later...
2002 Mini one (pure silver)


very shiney engine bay!

pipercross panal airfilter,
chrome gear knob

chrome line interior.
red accent piping in engine bay

exhaust painted with high temp simoniz paint.

calipers painted with silver simoniz high temp paint...
all OEM
Wheel and Tire
falken ziex on 15" pepper pot alloys



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