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series S
Dark gray // Black
dunno but it has a lota percs...
bought it used at a wholesale lot over by Hobby airport --- Ended up getting it for 11,804 total cost! [ ad 408$ for total interest against loan if not paid off before 48th payment...](- 100$ rebate for using this particular finance firm) at 2.4% interest on loan . [so thats 260.00 a month for a coop that had 53,000 miles on it and no BS literally looks like it came off the lot today!)
i hope i can find the previous owner somehow and give him kudos for being such a master at keeping a car from harms way / uber storage ect..
Tonite i bought a cold air intake , smoke rain guards for windows,sun roof [now THERE is a mnfg. fault too...has anyone looked how filthy that thing gets? by having nothing but a small net in front of the sun roof it allows all the dirt grime to pass thru and down into the track system,seals,everything...]. like to get a mod chip (after doing transmission fluid change out) oversize intercooler upgrade and 16" oil cooler. Hopefully that will give me enuff to be able to enter a track/rally race or 2 w/o being too far behind the pack..
2009 Mini series S (Dark gray // Black)



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