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  1. First Generation MINI Cooper
    I have recently received a 2005 MINI Cooper Base (r50) with only 40,000 miles. I’m fairly new to the field of moding cars and I’m eager to build and learn. I’m wondering if y’all think it’s worth putting my time and effort into this car seeing that it has a CVT which is known to be extremely...
  2. First Generation MINI One
    been trying to do a coolent chnage on my mini and cant for the life of me get the lower radiator pipe off seems to be stuck, how do i get this thing off
  3. Welcome New Members
    Hi All, I’m a little late introducing myself having been a member since 2013 but better late than never! I’ve used the information on the forums a lot over the years so thank you all for your contributions. Sadly I no longer own a Mini but I’d love to be reunited with my 2005 Mini Cooper R50...
1-3 of 3 Results