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  1. Second Generation MINI Cooper
    I have a 09 mini Cooper r56 non turbo. The starter is fried. I was able to remove it off the engine, but I can't get the sucker out the top or bottom. Is there a trick I'm not seeing?? I really don't want to have to mess with the intake manifold and fuel rail. Any help would be greatly...
  2. MINI Engine & Drivetrain Tuning
    Hi everyone I hope you can help. I bought my car over a year ago, got MOT done 3 weeks ago and O2 sensor replaced. The next day, heating wasn't working and car made a loud sound and died whilst driving. Took it to garage who said compression has gone in cylinder one, all the other cylinders...
  3. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Evening I have a clubman 2009 which has no bluetooth. Have purchased a Jabra Freeway which allows the playing of the iPhone through the cars speakers. Only problem is it needs a vacant FM channel. 88.1. it tells me. I managed to locate and use it once but now it just tunes right past and I...
  4. MINI2 Classifieds
    Wanted: Mini R56 2009 1,6 88kw 120hp complete engine And delivered to Finland. Please contact PM if you have any that would fit. Or any good idea where to get one. Thanks. 0:)
1-4 of 4 Results