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  1. MINI Countryman
    I would like to locate and bypass the amplifier in my r60. My car does not have the Harmon Kardon package, so I'm stumped. Does anyone know where it is located and what kind of harness I can use?
  2. MINI Interior & ICE
    Just bought a 2008 Clubman Auto and am looking to upgrade the head unit to a touch screen with reversing camera. Any tips on where to shop (preferably in Australia) would be greatly appreciated
  3. Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Does anyone know which wires on the radio harness that work the display above the radio? I replaced the radio with a KENWOOD gps radio and kept the radio controls and ribbon display. I am hoping that I can get another harness and tap the wires that work the display. I have the radio apart and...
  4. Welcome New Members
    Hi. I've just taken ownership of mini cooper s convertible 2005 but sadly already face issues. The garage we bought from managed to disable original radio and in their infinite wisdom replaced unit with cheapo jvc cd radio. Great. But now steering column controls don't work and parking sensors...
1-4 of 4 Results