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  1. Finance & Insurance
    Hi everyone, this may be the worlds stupidest question but here goes, why can’t I find a LO/HI setting on my 2021 Cooper Sport 2 aircon? It starts from 16 and goes up to the high twenties. All other cars I’ve ever owned have a low and high setting which is simply named as such. Admittedly I...
  2. Mini EV
    Folks, I have a 2018 Countryman PHEV and for some reason A/C heater is not working while car is used as full electric, but cool air does. When petrol motor kicks in, air starts to heat. Is this an expected behavior?
  3. MINI Interior & ICE
    Hey guys. Im new here. Around 2 weeks ago bought a very neat f55 one first model (entry trim I believe). I bought it online from sixt in germany for a good price (around 12k Euro). The car is almost not used at all, just 4k km and is 2019 production year. Everything seems great with the car...
  4. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi I recently purchased a 2009 R55 Cooper D with the auto climate I have noticed that my heater blower motor isn't working, neither is my heated front or rear screens. The climate control display and lights are working fine though. I have tried a different heater resistor, (albeit a used one...
1-4 of 4 Results