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  1. MINI Faults & Fixes
    Hi All! Recently picked up myself a 2003 R50 MC! Had a busted engine mount (fixed) and an airbag light. Figured I'd get a cable compatible with my vehicle to use with INPA to clear the airbag light. My MC is the '03 so it has the MR4 airbag system in it. I read the codes for the airbag module...
  2. MINI Convertible
    Long story short, the Airbag module got water damaged and needs to be replaced. As you know, the dealership charges a king's ransom for this part ($700 + installation). Is it possible to swap it out with a salvaged one? Or must it come new from the factory, coded with my vehicle's VIN? Any...
  3. First Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hi, I got my Airbag module repaired by a local mechanic (not a bmw/mini service center) and he doesnt have the right diagnostic tool to remove the airbag light. anyone got any recommendations? i dont want to spend alot of money as i want to sell her once its fixed.
1-3 of 3 Results