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  1. Mini MK2 Alternator Replacement - Still no Charge

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hi! I'm helping a buddy with their MK2 (2011) and he has no mechanical knowledge, i am familiar with 1990's earlier (have rebuilt a 1990 Jeep and 1988 GT). His alternator went out, and he replaced it. It worked for about 10-12 days and then no longer charged battery. We are going to swap out...
  2. Battery Light Problem

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hi All, Newbie here with a problem that 2 mobile mechanics have been unable to solve, I have a 2004 Mini One R53. About 4 weeks ago on the way back from work my Battery light started flashing on and off at approx 8 second intervals. By the time I got home, approx 3 miles later, it was flashing...