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  1. MINI Countryman
    I would like to locate and bypass the amplifier in my r60. My car does not have the Harmon Kardon package, so I'm stumped. Does anyone know where it is located and what kind of harness I can use?
  2. MINI Countryman
    Hello, I have a Mini Cooper Countryman r60 2014. I upgraded my speakers but now want to add an amplifier. I do not have the harmon kardon sound system. Would anyone help me in knowing which wires from the stock radio are for what speakers? Thanks!
  3. Welcome New Members
    I recently purchased a 2009 Mini Cooper S Manual 6 Speed. My radio has very low volume. I have looked in the back panel to locate the amp. Unfortunately, there isn't one there.. Did it not come with an amp, or is the amp somewhere else? I am not sure.
  4. MINI Coupe and MINI Roadster
    Hello fello mini owners, Lets start of with this, i own a 2013 Mini Cooper R59 Roadster S Convertible with the Harman/ Kardon sound system. One day all of the sudden the sound stopped coming out of the speakers, but the radio works just fine, (as in i can flip through the menus, change...
  5. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    2010 Mini Cooper D hatch A few days ago my driver side speakers both stopped working and the left side now has an odd noise as if there is way too much bass coming from the large speaker. Both these issues came over night so I'm unsure of what could have caused them. I made sure that all the...
  6. MINI Interior & ICE
    Can anyone tell me where to find the amplifier in a Cooper S Roadster? Pretty sure it is a HK. The ICE is Mini Boost. For a few years the amplifier has made a loud noise but very intermittently, maybe 3 times a year and always in cold and frosty weather. Today there was a gentle pop and it's off...
  7. MINI Cooper
    Please can someone help me, I’ve read through a few posts on here on how to get a power cable for my amplifier to run through the glove box to the battery(via the firewall) if this is best way to do so? I’m struggling to see where to get the cable through any grommets plus I can’t see where...
  8. Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hi guys, I recently installed a 2 channel amp in my R56 Mini Cooper S and also changed the rear 6x9's for some aftermarket ones. I did the channel swap first which was a straight forward job as i purchased it from I used a line output converter to convert the rear channels to...
1-8 of 9 Results