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  1. Cooper Convertible Harmon Kardon HELP

    MINI Convertible
    Hi, I brought a 2004 Cooper Convertible last year, it has had a pioneer stereo in it, it’s been working fine, until last week it has been making a horrific cracking noise, and now has no sound at all. I went to Halfords today who told ms to buy a new pioneer stereo, I’ve done that and still...
  2. Mini cooper s 2010

    General Discussion
    I will be purchasing a 2010 Mini Cooper S. Regards to the audio in the car, will I be able to connect it to my phone to stream music and make phone calls? Also would I be able to change the screen to be able to have sat nav and apple car play?
  3. 2015 Countryman - Anyone found a good audio cable?

    MINI Countryman
    Hello! I’m new to this forum but have owned my r60 for a year now and have just been using a single aux cable and control music on my phone(I use Spotify) but there must be a way where I can control music via the steering wheel right? I have two questions: 1. Is there another existing cable...
  4. R56 Mini Cooper S Amplifying Front Speakers

    Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hi guys, I recently installed a 2 channel amp in my R56 Mini Cooper S and also changed the rear 6x9's for some aftermarket ones. I did the channel swap first which was a straight forward job as i purchased it from I used a line output converter to convert the rear channels to...