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  1. General Discussion
    Does anyone listen to podcasts in their mini? I have spotify and wondered if there are settings I need to Bluetooth to mini speakers/audio. Thank you
  2. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    2010 Mini Cooper D hatch A few days ago my driver side speakers both stopped working and the left side now has an odd noise as if there is way too much bass coming from the large speaker. Both these issues came over night so I'm unsure of what could have caused them. I made sure that all the...
  3. Welcome New Members
    Hey all, After many many years of wanting a mini I eventually got a great deal on a 57 plate Mini Cooper S. Had for well over 6 months and had no real issues (apart from brakes and the air intake hose replacements) My only gripe, which I knew about, is the lack of Bluetooth to connect and...
  4. MINI Convertible
    Hi, I brought a 2004 Cooper Convertible last year, it has had a pioneer stereo in it, it’s been working fine, until last week it has been making a horrific cracking noise, and now has no sound at all. I went to Halfords today who told ms to buy a new pioneer stereo, I’ve done that and still...
  5. General Discussion
    I will be purchasing a 2010 Mini Cooper S. Regards to the audio in the car, will I be able to connect it to my phone to stream music and make phone calls? Also would I be able to change the screen to be able to have sat nav and apple car play?
  6. MINI Countryman
    Hello! I’m new to this forum but have owned my r60 for a year now and have just been using a single aux cable and control music on my phone(I use Spotify) but there must be a way where I can control music via the steering wheel right? I have two questions: 1. Is there another existing cable...
  7. Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hi guys, I recently installed a 2 channel amp in my R56 Mini Cooper S and also changed the rear 6x9's for some aftermarket ones. I did the channel swap first which was a straight forward job as i purchased it from I used a line output converter to convert the rear channels to...