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  1. Second Generation MINI Cooper
    It usually happens when I reach 50 km/h and lower RPM when I want to accelerate a bit the car starts juddering it feels like the engine doesn't get any benzin or enoug air, the automatic gearbox can't decide whatever if it downshifts or stay on the same gear. That mostly happens if I drive...
  2. MINI Faults & Fixes
    Hi All, Context - My wife has a mini that I bought for her. It's her dream car in the right shape and colour which is why there is a bit of an issue with changing the car. It has about 70k on the clock and is an auto with manual paddles on the steering wheel and a manual mode on the gear...
  3. MINI Countryman
    2018 Cooper D auto. Gears are selecting bizarrely and got error message saying- ‘Drivetrain error, full power not available can continue driving - get checked basically’. Went to independent as dealership poor, identified failed solenoids in mechatronic system. Car not long out of warranty...
1-3 of 3 Results