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battery replacement
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  1. Maintenance & MINI Care
    The car battery discharges too quickly and I'd like to verify the local garage installed a correct aftermarket amp/h rated battery. The last repair attempt by the local garage was to install a new aftermarket battery and disconnect every electrical gadget installed (not sure what's the English...
  2. MINI One
    My wife left her lights on for at least a week and so the battery in her Mini One is dead and apparently cannot be revived. I've tried charging it with a charger overnight several times the last few days and it gets enough charge to turn the lights on but won't turn the engine over - it just...
  3. MINI Countryman
    Hi: I'm new to forum. I have a 2016 mini cooper countryman S (park lane edition). The battery is dying. Local mini dealership is asking almost $400.00 to replace with only a 24-month guarantee. Local Pep Boys has replacement with installation for around $200 bucks with 3-year replacement...
1-3 of 3 Results