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  1. 4-Bike Carrier or Class II Hitch for 2021 Countryman?

    MINI Countryman
    Good morning! I have a 2021 Countryman S ALL4 on order and would love to add a hitch receiver. I'd like to mount a 4-bike carrier but most call for a class II hitch (tongue weight of 350 lbs) - Thule for example. The two hitch styles I've found are all rated as class I (tongue weight of...
  2. Bike Rack option for 2014 (R59) Roadster (Convertible)

    MINI Coupe and MINI Roadster
    Hello everyone, I'm looking for recommendations for bike rack options for my 2014 Mini Roadster (Convertible). I know that there aren't many options out there for any of the convertible models but I'm hoping someone here would be able to guide me towards a couple of options. Ideally the rack...
  3. Bike Rack for Mini Cooper Hatch 2014 model

    MINI2 Classifieds
    I have a 2014 bike rack for Mini Hatch for model built after 2014. As long as the mini has a bike rack preparation by Mini, it will work perfectly. The part number is 82 722 285 993