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  1. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    There seems to be two ways to work with dates and times, according to the manual with the car, and it’s different if you have the Boost radio rather than the ordinary one. I’ve been through the Boost way, and corrected the time OK. And the date was correct, except it is in the US MM DD YYYY...
  2. First Generation Interior & Ice
    I've got a Boost (single CD) HU, and fitted a LaPower bluetooth adapter that pretends to be the CD Changer. Is there any way to get the unit to default to the CDC source, rather than always reverting to FM? If I restart the car within 10-15 mins it does stay on CDC, but overnight it's always...
  3. Welcome New Members
    Hello all! I've recently purchased a mini one clubman 59 plate as my first car and being the teenage boy I am I've purchased a small subwoofer for it :) I think fairly competent with electronics but I'm worried about installing it for a few reasons, and I was hoping some of you would be able...
1-3 of 3 Results