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  1. Welcome New Members
    So I went and got me a 2007 cooper S! i Know it’s gonna probably cost me some money over the next year or two but I’m ok with that. I was absolutely blown away when on the test drive I experienced the sport mode. My god! I almost wanna put red tape on it saying “do not touch!” However, this...
  2. MINI Convertible
    Hi all, Recently joined and first time poster. I recently acquired my first mini (red, R57), well actually my second but that's a long story! Anyway I noticed the levers in the boot are not symmetrical when closed. The passenger side seems to stick out more than the driver side, is this...
  3. MINI2 Classifieds
    Hello, Sadly sold my R53 after 17years and now getting rid of spares/etc. Genuine MINI boot liner, done an absolute stellar job of protecting the interior, had bricks, soil and even a cement mixer in the boot. Really good condition and is very tuff wearing, there is however a couple of damaged...
  4. MINI Countryman
    The boot of my car has jammed. When I try to open it by pressing the flap at the back of boot it makes a clicking noise but the boot does not open. I cannot find the manual release cable. Please advise. Regards
  5. Australia
    I brought a second hand R56 mini cooper that came with the boot cargo nets. However looking at other minis that have this mine is missing the tabs that the top of the triangle net attaches to. I've attached a photo so you can see the missing tab. Any idea on where i can get these and what...
1-5 of 5 Results