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  1. MINI Countryman
    Newly acquired Iconic 2019 S All 4 .. surprised at no Aux input. Using wireless CarPlay w iPhone and Qobuz high res files .. unclear on connecting via USB. Used Dragonfly DAC w/prior car but no Aux input .. so uncertain if can be used .. at all. ? Does CarPlay use DAC in the Mini itself, or...
  2. MINI Convertible
    Evening! My first post so please be gentle! My wife has just bought a mini cabriolet F57 (registered Jan 2021). She's now decided that she wants Apple Carplay even though her car doesn't have it. Is there any way of retrofitting it? She DOESN'T have the touchscreen media unit and doesn't have...
  3. Third Generation Interior & Ice
    We're just looking for our first mini, a convertible either Cooper S or JCW (coming from a Cayman so the 1.5 isn't going to cut it!). For our budget we're looking at a high spec 2017 or slightly less well spec'd 2018. I know that the interiors were tweaked before the facelift, but does anyone...
1-3 of 3 Results