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  1. General Discussion
    Locked the car about two weeks ago by the fob all working fine. Tried it today and following: Remote fob not working Door opens with key alarm goes off Central locking not working Alarm does not switch off when key inserted Car starts ok Central locking dash switch not working The was working...
  2. First Generation MINI Cooper
    Hi everyone, I recently brought a Mini R53 (2004) as a little fixer-upper project and straight away I realised that the central locking system wasn't working correctly. It locks from the button inside, so I'm hoping it's just an issue with the key. It won't lock unless I manually put the key in...
  3. MINI Cooper Diesel
    Hi, can anyone help please! Our 2009 R55 1.6ltr Mini Clubman D has suddenly developed a problem with the central locking. Neither of our two remote key fobs will unlock the driver or passenger doors, although the two rear end doors both lock and unlock using the fobs. Furthermore the mechanical...
1-3 of 3 Results