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clubman r55
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  1. Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi all, Wondering if someone knows the solution to this error, glow system error 004159 the garage suspected the glow plug ecu board so changed that but error is still occuring, when I remove the error the car tirns on and off smoothly but when the error is in the ecu turning the car off is a...
  2. MINI Faults & Fixes
    I have a 2009 Clubman. And when I unlock the car, the alarm goes off and won't let your turn it off. You can even drive it with the alarm blasting away. Anyone any ideas on how to fix it or at least disable the siren or remove a fuse. Anything so I can use my car, please help.
  3. Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hello, The central LED brake light is no longer working on my trusty 09 clubman. After scouring the internet I wanted to ask: 1. Could I try changing a fuse (if yes, which one?), or do all three lights have the same one? 2. Anyone have a recommendation from where to buy a replacement light...
  4. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi My 2010 clubman came with the phone snap-in in the centre armrest. It is for the iPhone 4 with the older wide apple connector. I have a spare iPhone 5 that has the small iPhone port. I’m struggling to find out what replacement snap-in to buy. There are different types available - basic...
  5. MINI Exterior
    Hey, I went to unscrew my antenna from the roof today and the aerial came off but the thread, plus another piece of grooved metal below is still in the aerial base. My question is should it only be the thread I need to remove or thread and grooved metal below so I can install a new one.
1-5 of 5 Results