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  1. R55 Central Brake light failed

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hello, The central LED brake light is no longer working on my trusty 09 clubman. After scouring the internet I wanted to ask: 1. Could I try changing a fuse (if yes, which one?), or do all three lights have the same one? 2. Anyone have a recommendation from where to buy a replacement light...
  2. Instructions on how to tune the radio

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Evening I have a clubman 2009 which has no bluetooth. Have purchased a Jabra Freeway which allows the playing of the iPhone through the cars speakers. Only problem is it needs a vacant FM channel. 88.1. it tells me. I managed to locate and use it once but now it just tunes right past and I...
  3. For sale: 2008 mini Cooper Clubman S

    MINI2 Classifieds
    Selling my 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman S. It has roughly 110,000 miles on it. I will be posting pictures this weekend. Engine needs work. Ran a little rough for a while and then wouldn't fire up when the temperature dropped. Did some reading and I didn't know about the Walnut shell treatment for...
  4. YB68/MINI UK 48 hour Clubman

    General Discussion
    Hi Everyone, wondering if anyone else on the forum ended up with one of the MINI UK identical f54 Clubman S Exclusive's? Got mine from Stratstone Newcastle and was told they were the 48 hour test drive cars and each dealer got one. All were fully loaded apart from, weirdly, the driving modes and...
  5. My first Mini ...

    Welcome New Members
    Hi - This is not only my first ever mini I have owned but its also my first ever online forum chat box too !! .. So hope im posting this welcome thingy in the right doo dah … anyway 2013 Clubman JCW in black with Red top.
  6. Registration

    MINI Clubman
    We have sold our BMW mini and have a personalised number plate available. Registration number is CL08MUN and is on a DVLA retention certificate. If you wish to add a personal touch to a well loved car [email protected]
  7. About to buy our first (2nd hand) mini

    Welcome New Members
    Hi Everyone! Thought I'd sign up as my wife and I put a deposit down on our first mini over the weekend and we're due to collect it on Thursday. The car will be for my wife, as she needs something larger, newer and more reliable than her current 2004 VW Beetle. We came across a 1.6l petrol...
  8. Mini Clubman or Countryman Cooper SD?

    General Discussion
    Hi guys, its my first post here. I had a 2009 Clubman Cooper S which I loved until the engine got serious problems at 50000 kms, got it repaired, sold it and got myself a Volvo V60.. this was 5 years ago, now Its time to get back to Minis! I need space so I will have to go for Clubman or...