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  1. Welcome New Members
    I'm here because I've finally given myself permission to buy a MINI. Which is to say I'm legally separated. I'd been seriously considering a roadster -- in for a penny, and so forth -- until a granddaughter made the scene just a year ago. I've since turned my leering gaze toward a low-mileage...
  2. Delivery, Shipping & Order Tracking
    Hi, I have recently bought a 2010 Mini One and i want to make it look generally a bit nicer in terms of the exterior and I was thinking of possibly putting a cooper s style bumper/bonnet on it. Is this actually possible to do? And would the parts fit?
  3. MINI Convertible
    Hi all, Recently joined and first time poster. I recently acquired my first mini (red, R57), well actually my second but that's a long story! Anyway I noticed the levers in the boot are not symmetrical when closed. The passenger side seems to stick out more than the driver side, is this...