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  1. Coolant leak

    Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hello, I have a Mini Cooper 1.6 2002. There is no coolant in the reservoir tank and when I checked underneath the car, there was coolant all over the gearbox area. The car has a rough start when cold. Also my car hasn’t over heated yet but the radiator fans are very loud. I don’t know what do to...
  2. Coolant Hose Part Identification

    Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hi, Can anyone identify this part on my 2010 Cooper S.
  3. Is the stage 1 fan resistor built into the R50 non AC cooling fan?

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hello, In the process of diagnosing why the stage 1 fan doesn't come on my 2001 Mini One, fuses seem fine and relays I switched about in the engine bay. Been through plenty of articles here, and most point to a resistor and a repair kit (stage 2 fan came on during the heatwave recently while in...
  4. Oil in Coolant Resevoir

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    I have a 2008 mini clubman cooper engine code N12B16A. A couple of days ago the temp light came on amber just as I arrived home, the next day it came on amber and then red and I took it straight to the garage I normally use where they identified oil in the coolant expansion tank that has...