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  1. 2008/58 Cooper D Loss of power, no EML

    MINI Cooper Diesel
    I am a new Mini owner and needing some guidance. vehicle is currently 116k miles, car is driving with limited power as though no boost. 1/2/3/4th gears it does feel like it has a little boost. Had it on the motorway the other day, going up hills it had to be in fourth to get to motorway...
  2. 2007 cooper D

    MINI Cooper Diesel
    Hi, I have a 2007 cooper D R56 and am wanting to upgrade it a little, both visually and mechanically. I was wondering what is possible to do with the cooper D as oppose to the S/JCW as most mods seem to be around that platform And pretty much any video online is with a JCW so is basically a...
  3. R56 Cooper D - Interior electronics not working

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi, I parked my mini up and overnight the battery drained completely. I got it recharged and tried it again and the battery is holding charge when the engine is running. But none of the interior electronics are working? The windows, speedometer and all in the interior lights aren't working. All...
  4. R56 CooperD turbo troubles

    General Discussion
    Hey all, I've had a 2008 R56 Cooper D for just over a year now and have non stop issues with the turbo. Ever since i bought it i would notice a loud fan noise coming from the engine bay after stopping, assuming it was the turbo, and didnt think much of it. Then one day I was in Mcd's drive...