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  1. Extended Service Contract?

    MINI Countryman
    Fellow Countryman crowd, I own a 2016 All 4 S and absolutely love it! I have been bouncing the purchase of an extended service contract around my head over the last 6 months. My question is do I really need it right now??? I just broke 35k miles on it a few weeks ago and I just am having a...
  2. Swap R60 speedo for screen

    MINI Countryman
    Hi, I've recently bought an R60 Countryman 2010 and managed to make quite a few exterior changes. Has anyone managed/tried to swap the main speedo in the R60 Countryman for one of the R60 Sat Nav screens sold in some of the higher-end countryman models of that time? Thanks Toby
  3. Countryman PHEV - Daytime Run/Fog lights

    MINI Countryman
    Be gentle folks... Just took delivery (UK) of a PHEV. Its a lease/company car and I specifically requested front fog lamps. The car appears to have been delivered with the LED Daytime run lights, and from a few youtube videos these appear to have a fog light function (unless there are 2...
  4. Mini Countryman Cooper SD ALL4 DTUK CRD3+ Tuning Box!

    MINI2 Classifieds
    Hi, I have a DTUK CRD3+ tuning box, all in original box and harness etc which I had on my Mini Countryman Cooper SD All4 (2011) and worked very well! The device gave me so much more grunt,smoothness and driveability of the car. It actually drove like a Cooper S and more MPG!! I have sold the...
  5. Worth it to get cheap OBD reader to replace battery?

    MINI Countryman
    Hey gang, I'm relatively new to Mini ownership. Our 2013 Countryman needs a new battery. I got one from Costco, but in the process of researching how to get the panel off etc to replace the battery, I discovered that the computer needs to be updated so the car changes how charging behaves for a...
  6. Countryman reverse light switch location

    MINI Countryman
    2011 Countryman S FWD. Both reverse lights are not working but the bulbs are fine. I'm pretty sure it's the reverse switch. I just need to know where it is. It should be a fairly easy replacement once I find it, I just have no idea where it is. Anyone done this?
  7. New member, about to order first Mini F60

    Welcome New Members
    Hi everyone - after a decade of Toyota I'm about to order my first Mini, the F60 Countryman PHEV. I'm a long-term hybrid user, familiar with the pros and cons of hybrid and PHEV technology - but not when applied to Mini. Test drove latest Toyotas, & the new Subaru XV E-Boxer, but the Countryman...
  8. New to site. Avid Mini owner!

    Welcome New Members
    Hi, New to this site. New to Tampa, Florida via Denver, CO. Always looking to connect with other Mini fans and owners. Constantly learning about these cars and always finding new ways to appreciate them. Currently on my second Countryman; 2016 CM All4-S. Taking delivery of my 3rd in a...
  9. PHEV Sat Nav & MPG

    MINI Countryman
    Hi, I’m taking deliver of a Mini Countryman SE next month. Have a few questions, will start with something easy. My journeys should be no more than 50 miles per day, usually no more than 22 miles. To get the best MPG with the electric motor, can I input a return trip in to the sat nav and...
  10. Mini Clubman or Countryman Cooper SD?

    General Discussion
    Hi guys, its my first post here. I had a 2009 Clubman Cooper S which I loved until the engine got serious problems at 50000 kms, got it repaired, sold it and got myself a Volvo V60.. this was 5 years ago, now Its time to get back to Minis! I need space so I will have to go for Clubman or...