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  1. MINI Convertible
    Hi all, hoping for some advice with my 2006 R52 - having some major issues with the car and was hoping for some pointers before a potentially spenny visit to the garage. My mini has started cutting its electrics out when revved to above 3000 rpm - issue started on the dual carriageway when...
  2. First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi forum, A technical question. The Dash of my Mini one 2001 is completely not working anymore. But, when I remove, and reconnect, the battery cable, it works again. Does anyone know this behaviour? No direction indicator beeps, no warning lights, no tachometer, no gauges, nothing. grt, Ronald.
  3. First Generation MINI Cooper S
    Something very strange is happening. The entire dashboard is off. I can start the car, indicators, fan, horn, windows, all work. But there is absolutely nothing on the dashboard. Not one gauge, speedo, sensor light turns on. Dead. I checked all the fuses (inside and under the hood), all good...
1-3 of 3 Results