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  1. Second Generation MINI Convertible
    Hi all! I would like to know your opinion about which dashcam is good for a Mini convertible, considering the rearview camera as well. Since it needs to be waterproof, and the recent dashcams rearview cameras as to be fixed inside the car, it's quite hard to find relevant reviews on this aspect...
  2. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi, hardwiring a dash cam here and done lots of research on the r56 fuse box but still stuck. I am aware that the mini has a “phantom fuse box” so the fuses still have 12v even without key in slot for about 30-60 mins after car is locked. As soon as you unlock the car they become active again...
  3. Third Generation MINI Cooper S
    Installed Thinkware F800 dashcam on a 2016 Mini Cooper S this past weekend. Install: Connected the Battery-wire to fuse 42 (for parking mode) and the ACC-wire to 51. Ground to Ground bolt on passenger side panel-to the right of the glovebox. Dashcam works fine BUT the dash is lighting up like...
1-3 of 3 Results