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  1. Messing With A Mini Without Any Experience. Any Tips?

    General Discussion
    Posting my welcome page post over to general discussion Hello! I'm a 22yo first time mini owner fortunate enough to be given my family's 2012 Mini Cooper S Convertible Highgate Edition after they purchased a Countryman last week. I'm interested in trying to make it faster and corner better...
  2. Clutch Replacement

    Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hello all, The clutch on my R56 is worn, it slips when I accelerate full throttle in 3rd gear or higher, and occasionally makes a growl noise when moving off from stationary. I have done 80,000km on this clutch and I think (reading back through the service papers that came with it when I bought...
  3. R56 Cooper S 2011 Timing Chain Tensioner Replacement Walkthrough

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hey guys, so recently bought a 2011 Cooper S and I've been battling an odd sound coming from the engine bay. I narrowed it down to either the chain rattling or the drive belt/pulleys rattling/chugging. I've seen some videos of a similar sound that turned out be the drive belt falling apart and...
  4. 2011 Mini R56 extra driving lights

    Second Generation MINI Exterior
    Hi all, Due to the overwhelming presence of the invisible kangaroos on the Australian roads, I have decided to buy some extra lights for my mini, but I opted not to get the official ones, as they are too expensive for a secondary school student like me, so I bought a set of these...