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  1. Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi I have a 2008 Cooper D, it the DPF light came up and on checking their was a problem with the glowplugs. I have replaced these, and cleared the error code. No other codes are showing (Using Bimmer-tool app). I want to do a forced regen - Bimmertool says it can do this - but returns an...
  2. Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi guys, first time poster long time head scratcher! the dpf and engine management light recently came on in my 2008 Dooper. On inspection I found the dpf additive bag to be empty, so put some dpf Dr through and gave the car a hard drive. This turned off the dpf light. I then replaced the...
  3. Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hello!! My car has gone back to limb mode. I can get the error cleared or cleaned as before but I have concerns I will be back in the same place in 6 months time. I have done 150,000 would it be worth cleaning the DPF or get a new DPF? Has anyone else had this issue? Please help, thank you xox