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  1. First Generation MINI One
    Mini One 2004. had an MOT and fail emissions. Garage are now at a loss. changed The Chain, lamba sensor spark plugs and various other sensors. Emissions improved a little but still fails. Cost a lot of money so far and no where. if anyone can help please advise before my hair falls out!
  2. MINI Faults & Fixes
    Hello all, I'm new to the forum so please be nice. I bought a Mini one R56 2008 about a year ago and it's been perfect until I tried to put it through its MOT. It's failing quite badly on emissions. I've replaced the cat and both o2 sensors and took it back for an emissions test and if anything...
  3. MINI2 Classifieds
    Hello My mini cooper 2010 petrol 1,6 R59 , done 95k miles- has failed on emissions , failing on fast idle test -both O2 sensors have been changed, CAT checked and is fine , any ideas as to what may be going on? thanks ! emissions results as follows: fast idle test number 1 engine temp at 84'C...
1-3 of 3 Results