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engine swap
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  1. MINI Engine & Drivetrain Tuning
    I currently have a 2007 mini cooper s r56 with a busted n14 engine and I don't want to see the car go. I am currently looking into putting a new engine in the car, but the n14 engines are too unreliable and expensive in my area. I have found a k20z3 engine from an old 2008 civic si with 180k...
  2. MINI Engine & Drivetrain Tuning
    Hey guys/gals, my R56 JCW has a bent chassis leg and ive just been given an R50 for free... do you think that the engine would fit with abit of tinkering? Or is it not possible? thanks!💪🏼
  3. First Generation MINI One
    Do the mini r50s and r53s have different ECUS? So I’ve currently got a 2006 R50 1.6 One with a major oil leak, requiring the engine to be taken out. The engine currently has 105k miles, has bad piston slap, and has recently been losing power so I was thinking about swapping in a fresher MCS...
1-3 of 3 Results