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  1. First Generation MINI Cooper S
    After an engine swap from a r53 of the same year same options I’m getting all zeros across my odometer and no start. Had anyone seen this and can anyone tell me what to do about this? I have both ecu’s from both the original and parts car. Could that be the issue? I can’t see why it would matter...
  2. MINI Engine & Drivetrain Tuning
    Anyone know of someone who's engine swapped a rotary into their Mini? I haven't been able to come across anything and I'm curious its even feasible/possible, especially for FWD
  3. MINI Cooper S
    I am doing an engine swap on a 2009 mini cooper s and wondering, Does anyone know if you can pull just the engine and leave the transmission in?
  4. MINI Engine & Drivetrain Tuning
    Hey I really want opinions on engine swapping my 09 R56 mini One to a Cooper S engine and if anyone has some good contacts to do it. Currently I have just had a few major issues occur with the car and had these fixed swiftly, mostly to do with it being such a cheap engine which is struggling...
  5. Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hi can anyone tell me if a 2008 Cooper S engine will swap into a 2013 ? Thanks
  6. MINI Engine & Drivetrain Tuning
    I currently have a 2007 mini cooper s r56 with a busted n14 engine and I don't want to see the car go. I am currently looking into putting a new engine in the car, but the n14 engines are too unreliable and expensive in my area. I have found a k20z3 engine from an old 2008 civic si with 180k...
  7. MINI Engine & Drivetrain Tuning
    Hey guys/gals, my R56 JCW has a bent chassis leg and ive just been given an R50 for free... do you think that the engine would fit with abit of tinkering? Or is it not possible? thanks!💪🏼
  8. First Generation MINI One
    Do the mini r50s and r53s have different ECUS? So I’ve currently got a 2006 R50 1.6 One with a major oil leak, requiring the engine to be taken out. The engine currently has 105k miles, has bad piston slap, and has recently been losing power so I was thinking about swapping in a fresher MCS...
1-8 of 8 Results