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  1. Emissions Fail - Cooper 2010

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hello My mini cooper 2010 petrol 1,6 R56 , done 95k miles- has failed on emissions , failing on fast idle test -both O2 sensors have been changed, CAT checked and is fine , any ideas as to what may be going on? thanks ! emissions results as follows: fast idle test number 1 engine temp at 84'C...
  2. BLUE SMOKE FROM EXHAUST....Full Service and 02 sensor replaced,

    Second Generation MINI Tuning
    Hi, i have a Mini Cooper S (2007) Recently have a full service and had 02 Sensor replaced ... but noticed i am getting heavy puffs of blue smoke from the exhaust is sat idling for a while... it does wear off after the initial acceleration and disappears once driving normally.
  3. Can a countryman exhuast fit a paceman?

    Second Generation Works
    i currently own a 2013 paceman jcw i was wondering if a exhaust advertised for a countryman would fit?. I barely see any specfic exhuasts for the paceman and eveytime i ask for a recommendation i get sent countryman ones.
  4. Cooper S with JCW Rear exhaust silencer

    General Discussion
    Has anyone fitted a jcw backbox to their Cooper s? Just wondering on noise difference, sounds, more pops and bangs? It’s for a 2013 R56. Also if anybody knows where to get one from that would be a massive help. Cheapest I’ve found new was on minigenuineparts for £450 but I’ve seen old posts on...
  5. No pops and bangs

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    First of all I apologise if this has been answered a million times, I’ve read through most of them but still can’t figure out what the problem is. I’ve just bought a 2013 Cooper S and one of the main reasons was because of the pops and bangs, who doesn’t love that noise?! But mine doesn’t seem...
  6. F56 JCW LCI // Pro Exhaust?

    General Discussion
    Hi, Wondering if anyone knows how possible it would be to fit a JCW Pro Exhaust to an LCI JCW? Im aware this is no longer an option however.. can it be done? Thanks in advance
  7. Exhaust replacement.

    Second Generation MINI Cooper
    Hi to everyone. I have my second mini cooper 2010 and this is very different car than first generation. I would like to change exhaust and make suspension a bit stiffer, to make this car a bit more similar to my older Mini. First. At the moment i am thinking to change exhaust, and i know there...
  8. Cat and sensor replacements

    Second Generation MINI Tuning
    Hello, I've had a P00420 code thrown up by the car - an R56 Mini One 2007 (2/2) - and so I took it to the garage for an MOT to see exactly whats wrong. I was told I need a new cat and two new sensors. The car failed on emissions and the sheet is attached. With this info can anyone tell me...