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  1. Wanted - Thunder Grey Bonnet Scoop

    MINI2 Classifieds
    Hi Does anyone have an F55 / F56 Bonnet scoop they no longer need in thunder grey please? I cleverly managed to snap the corner off my one and really hoping to get a ready painted replacement. Thanks, Scott
  2. Starlight Blue F56 Cooper Sport NAV Pack/Comfort Pack and Driving Modes For Sale

    UK & Ireland Discussion & Event Planning
    Hi guys, Looking for a F56 Cooper Sport with specification shown in the title. If anyone has one for sale in England please let me know. Many Thanks Kings
  3. Swapping Steering wheel on mini one f56

    General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I currently have a two spoke steering wheel with no functions, I’m looking to upgrade to one with 3 spokes and buttons, the question I have is will the functions work with my car if it wasn’t the spec from factory, I’m guessing cruise control won’t work but I’m hoping to be able to...
  4. B38 JB4 vs Dinantronics Elite/Sport

    Third Generation MINI Cooper
    Hello, I have just purchased a '15 F56 1.5T 3 cyl with a manual trasmission. Looking to add more power I came across this 2 options: Burger Motorsports JB4 and Dinan's dinantronics elite. I really don't know which is a better option. Also it's important to have into consideration that in the...
  5. My MINI resurrection

    Welcome New Members
    Just saying hello again after 8 years... ? This will be my 4th MINI, after selling my BMW 435i to pick up a F56 Cooper 5dr this weekend and very much looking forward to it. I have a few mods planned and looking to share pictures with you all soon :)
  6. F56 JCW LCI // Pro Exhaust?

    General Discussion
    Hi, Wondering if anyone knows how possible it would be to fit a JCW Pro Exhaust to an LCI JCW? Im aware this is no longer an option however.. can it be done? Thanks in advance
  7. F56 Cooper S Transmission Amber Light

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has had this error message on a 2015> Auto Cooper S. Currently every time we switch the car off, we get an amber warning message "Transmission" Secure vehicle with parking brake when stationary. Have the problem checked by Service. I had a friend run a...