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  1. General Discussion
    Hi Folks, I appreciate any input on this one. I have a flat spot on acceleration, just pulling away in first, a big dip then when it gets past it it goes much better. I have also noticed up around the 4000rpm range it's a bit stuttery when accelerating. I have: Changed the plugs, leads and...
  2. MINI Cooper S Diesel
    Can anyone help with diagnosing this issue I have which appears to occasionally come on around 1,500 to 2.000rpm. When I'm driving at to maintain a constant speed (ie motorway 50mph enforcement) after I've let go of the pedal to manage it and then re-apply the gas I get a slight hesitation/flat...
  3. MINI Cooper Diesel
    My car was running perfectly then when I got it back from the service it seems to have a slight flat spot. First thing in the morning is the worse. When I start my car and stay stationary for a few minutes I get a dip on my RPM needle (every 10-15 seconds). Its a slight stutter in the engine as...
1-3 of 3 Results