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  1. First Generation Interior & Ice
    Hello, I was trying to fix my broken HK amp. The volume got lower and lower and eventually it stopped working. I thought that it was a power related issue so I tried to fix it after buying related chips on the board. Unfortunately, the board is a little harder to fix because of surface mounted...
  2. First Generation Faults & Fixes
    My stock hk 6x9 speakers are making a weird noise it's not super loud but it is noticeable like a mix between static and a few squeeks in there I can't seem to upload the video but if anyone sends me there email adress if they need to hear the sound let me know thanks.
  3. MINI Coupe and MINI Roadster
    Hello fello mini owners, Lets start of with this, i own a 2013 Mini Cooper R59 Roadster S Convertible with the Harman/ Kardon sound system. One day all of the sudden the sound stopped coming out of the speakers, but the radio works just fine, (as in i can flip through the menus, change...
  4. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Due to my broken radio buttons, I've just spent 2 hours taking my dashboard apart to remove the speedo and head unit/CD player. While it's all on the kitchen table, and before I send the button/|display unit away for repair, I wonder if it would be straightforward to do a satnav/touchscreen...
  5. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    After a lot of searching I’ve seen quite a few people asking on forums about swapping from a non-NAV have unit to the NAV one, and generally been warned off attempting it, but I’m considering doing the reverse. Never going to use the nav, the dvd making noises all the time annoys me, and i have...
  6. MINI Interior & ICE
    Can anyone tell me where to find the amplifier in a Cooper S Roadster? Pretty sure it is a HK. The ICE is Mini Boost. For a few years the amplifier has made a loud noise but very intermittently, maybe 3 times a year and always in cold and frosty weather. Today there was a gentle pop and it's off...
1-6 of 6 Results