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head gasket

  1. Lack of top end power and clicking over 5k RPM

    First Generation MINI Cooper S
    So, my mini threw a misfire code and high absolute pressure in the manifold code yesterday and seemed down on high end power by a lot. I cleared the misfire code and it hasn't come back. Did a compression test this morning and cylinder 1 seemed low at 130psi. Cylinder 2 was around 140, cylinder...
  2. R53 head gasket or block? Garage ripping me off ?

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    I need help. I know nothing about cars or engines, but I love my mini cooper s. The car over heated 1 time, I pulled over and luckily I had some water in the car so topped up the coolant to find it was totally empty. So over the next few weeks I kept an eye on the coolant level and it was...
  3. R56 2008 Cooper Non s Oil Leak HELP!

    Second Generation MINI Cooper
    So i've had my 2008 Cooper for some time now and ive ran into an issue when trying to fix an oil leak. About 6 months ago i gave my brother the car to use for about a week or so and during that time it had a huge coolant leak and after a long journey in that week the engine basically blew up...