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  1. Swap Nav for non nav headunit???

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    After a lot of searching I’ve seen quite a few people asking on forums about swapping from a non-NAV have unit to the NAV one, and generally been warned off attempting it, but I’m considering doing the reverse. Never going to use the nav, the dvd making noises all the time annoys me, and i have...
  2. R56 head unit keep losing settings

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    R56 mini one n12 . The head unit keeps forgetting settings ( like saved channels and audio settings ) everytime i switch off after few minutes. in the radio service mode already set to key memory. is there a way to wire the head unit to direct to live 12v? if so anybody knows the wiring diagram...
  3. R56 Cooper S 07 radio + headunit upgrade

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hey all, I couldn’t see another thread (but no doubt there is) but has anyone had any luck with headunit replacements with the r56 Cooper s with climate control? Ive seen a few fascia units for sale around showing ability for double din touchscreen units in them but can not find anywhere that...