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heated seats

  1. R52 Heated Seat Issue - One at a time!

    General Discussion
    Hello everyone! I spent last weekend retrofitting the wiring loom to my 2007 Sidewalk, More effort than I initially expected but got there in the end! Went out in the car a few times and it worked perfectly. It has however, since developed an unusual issue - whichever seat goes on first warms...
  2. Factory heated seats in a car without factory heated seats?

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    I have a R56 2012 mini which is my pride and joy apart from the seats which I’ve been trying to swap since he day I bought it... so after some eBay searches I’ve found a breaker mini with London 2012 seats which I absolutely adore so thinking about getting them but they are headed seats which my...
  3. Heated seats!

    Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hi - newby here - i note that there was a thread on this a while back but was looking for some help please. Based in Glasgow Scotland - we have a mini cooper S Reg 2007 (out or warranty). We were out yesterday with my son (a photographer) and his partner (who is a model). Having placed her...