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  1. MINI Faults & Fixes
    Hello, my 2009 mini cooper d has a fault with the fan inside the car. It works just full strength or off completely. I can get hot and cold on full strength. I have read its maybe a resistor behind the dash board but haven't been able to nail down which one exactly and where I might be able to...
  2. MINI Cooper S
    Hi all. As title says I have a 2003 cooper s face lift with climate control. Had it a few weeks. (My second cooper s). Had a few issues that I've resolved but still no heat from heater. Changed heater matrix yesterday and bled system 6 times in total. Still no heat from blowers. Matrix gets hot...
  3. MINI Interior & ICE
    I purchased a 2007 R56 which has had an updated centre console to Sat nav version. Sat nav and communication function not working as joy stick not wired, Heater not working, only blows hot. I have the original console which I want to put back to solve the heater problem, so need an Auto...
  4. Mini EV
    Folks, I have a 2018 Countryman PHEV and for some reason A/C heater is not working while car is used as full electric, but cool air does. When petrol motor kicks in, air starts to heat. Is this an expected behavior?
1-4 of 4 Results