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  1. Maintenance & MINI Care
    Would one of the iCarsoft CR diag devices be able to reset or re-pair an immobiliser that has gone dolally after a prolonged flat battery incident? Got a Mini on the road outside my house that's dead in the water. Battery drained. Recharged. Cranks, but no life. It's done this before[1] - and...
  2. First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi All, Hopefully someone has experienced the same and can point me in the right direction. On my UK 2005 Cooper I had to change the clutch, a pig of a job but it went well. Before dropping it back onto the wheels for a test drive I thought I'd make sure the clutch was working. I turned the...
  3. MINI Faults & Fixes
    Hi.a few days ago I bought a 2003 mini cooper.the girl never used the key fob as it worked intermittently. She had just used the key to open and lock the doors.we used the car all weekend and loved it.Sunday evening I decided to change the battery in the fob as I like everything to work.still...
1-3 of 3 Results