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  1. Thing of getting a 2017 Cooper JCW. What are they like for Reliability Etc

    General Discussion
    Hi All. Im thinking of selling my Current Audi TT Convertbile as it has been a right nightmare in the 2 years I have owned it with things going wrong and constant leaks. Im thinking of going back to a Mini and am considering a 2017 Cooper JCW Auto. What are your experiences with the...
  2. Modfiying my Paceman

    General Discussion
    Hi guys I'm currently in the process of doing up my Paceman so far ive fitted forced air induction (alta), FORGE intercooler, sports high flow cat (miltek) and straight piped and back box deleted. Not sure current bhp but should be roughly 230bhp but is going in for its stage 1 remap on the 18th...

    MINI Countryman
    Hello Ive recently bought a countryman sd, R60 gen. I just cant find the fuel consumption anywhere. Its so annoying, i looked on youtube, i tried to look at the manual, but its in a foreign language that I dont understand, so I didnt find any answers. Im also stugling to find the oil...
  4. 2012 R56 Mini JCW (N14 Engine) Only done 28k miles

    MINI2 Classifieds
    Debadged from factory Midnight Black, MOT till 2 October 2020 Supplied and serviced from new by Halliwell Jones Mini Southport| 2 Previous Owner from New 17-inch alloy wheels Media Pack Sat Nav Paintwork in great condition Low Mileage only 28K Full service history @ Halliwell Jones Mini as...
  5. How much is a R53 JCW 210 really worth?

    First Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hi all, My first post on here. I've been the proud owner of a late 2006 JCW 210 for a couple of years now. I bought it for £2700 and had a feeling it was a bit of a bargain... I'm now considering selling as I'm going to be renovating a house and need a bigger car for the trips to B&Q, etc. I'm...
  6. JCW Adventures - New Blog - The Best Mods for the 2nd Gen MINI

    General Discussion
    Here is the ultimate list for the Best Mods for the 2nd Gen MINI MINI 2nd Gen Tuning Guide: The Best Mods For The R56 MINI - JCW Adventures
  7. R56 Blue Smoke on De Acceleration?

    MINI Faults & Fixes
    Hey Guys/Gals, R56 with 75K miles , replacement turbo on✔️ Valve steam seals ✔️ DeCoke✔️ After the car is upto Temp when it decelerates it will puff out blue smoke, or after heavy turning as i come back onto a straight it will puff smoke. No smoke on Start up or under Acceleration! (Blue...
  8. 2016 JCW 2.0 Melting Silver For Sale

    UK & Ireland Discussion & Event Planning
    Bought as a surprise for my partner but she decided it was simply too quick and has since returned to her old car. Covered just 24348 miles. Last big main dealer service was only 300 miles ago. With nearly every available extra, it looks, smells and drives like new. I have plenty more pictures...
  9. 2016 JCW 2.0 Melting Silver For Sale

    MINI John Cooper Works, GP and World Championship
    Bought as a surprise for my partner but she decided it was simply too quick and has since returned to her old car. Covered just 24348 miles. Last big main dealer service was only 300 miles ago. With nearly every available extra, it looks, smells and drives like new. I have plenty more pictures...
  10. MINI MAY Instagram Photo Challenge

    General Discussion
    MINI MAY Instagram Photo Challenge I thought this might be a fun way of getting the MINI community together under lockdown In that time I have started my Youtube channel to help MINI owners across the world so give me first new video a watch and give a subscribe to help grow the channel 👍...
  11. Can a countryman exhuast fit a paceman?

    Second Generation Works
    i currently own a 2013 paceman jcw i was wondering if a exhaust advertised for a countryman would fit?. I barely see any specfic exhuasts for the paceman and eveytime i ask for a recommendation i get sent countryman ones.
  12. Cooper S with JCW Rear exhaust silencer

    General Discussion
    Has anyone fitted a jcw backbox to their Cooper s? Just wondering on noise difference, sounds, more pops and bangs? It’s for a 2013 R56. Also if anybody knows where to get one from that would be a massive help. Cheapest I’ve found new was on minigenuineparts for £450 but I’ve seen old posts on...
  13. JCW Backbox for 2013 R56 Cooper S

    Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    After looking around at exhaust options to get a bit more noise(Not bothered about performance upgrades) I think I’ve decided I want to got for a JCW Backbox. It seems like quite a few people on here have already done this or know somebody that has. Any thoughts or first hand experiences and...
  14. R56 JCW - Fantastic spec & condition £8,750

    MINI2 Classifieds
    Mini John Cooper Works hatchback with full Mini main dealer service history. Major service carried out by Mini Park Lane 05/2018. Always been maintained to the highest standards, in excellent condition throughout. Brand new Toyo T1-R tyres just fitted along with front Brembo brake pads &...
  15. Selling original JCW Recaro seats

    Second Generation Works
    Hi all, I'm selling two original JCW Recaro seats (the Recaro Sportster CS with JCW logo) made of leather, with side airbags, incl. consoles/rails and mounting screws. The seats are from a facelift R56, year 2010 and in good condition, only the driver's seat shows some signs of wear on the...
  16. My first Mini ...

    Welcome New Members
    Hi - This is not only my first ever mini I have owned but its also my first ever online forum chat box too !! .. So hope im posting this welcome thingy in the right doo dah … anyway 2013 Clubman JCW in black with Red top.
  17. F56 JCW LCI // Pro Exhaust?

    General Discussion
    Hi, Wondering if anyone knows how possible it would be to fit a JCW Pro Exhaust to an LCI JCW? Im aware this is no longer an option however.. can it be done? Thanks in advance
  18. R56 timing chain pre check and installation

    Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hi everyone slow to start here I guess i signed up quite some time ago. I guess I never took advantage of the better qualities of this website in earlier years. I was out sucking a ton of air into my r56 turbo charged cooper across the Midwest and Southwest. god bless everyone here and...
  19. Is it normal for check engine lights on when electric on only?

    Second Generation Works
    I turned my car on without depressing brake. So the electricity should be on but the car is not started yet. Then I noticed the check engine light keeps on. But when I ignite, the light will turn off. Is it normal? People at the dealer just told me it’s normal without checking anything. Just...
  20. What is "enhanced bluetooth"

    General Discussion
    Hello! Can anyone help me because I have Googled and Googled and searched this site but I can't find the answer. I've just bought a 2012 JCW from Mini which says it comes with "enhanced" bluetooth. When I bought it, I specifically asked, will this allow me to stream music from Spotify over...