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  1. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi everyone. Just came to this weird shape on the A/C panel on my car yesterday. I’m 100% positive that it was not there the last time it was driven, which is approx. 4-5 days prior. Looks to me either a parasite/fungi is growing inside the screen, or the car got struck by lightning. Anyone...
  2. First Generation MINI Cooper
    Hey all, So after finally replacing my rev counter unit to get a working lcd screen in it, my speedo lcd has now decided to take its turn to die (just as im about to hit 75,000 as well!) I'm aware I can straight swap the speedo for a used part but I've seen that I'd need the new part...
  3. Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    I have had my 2012 Mini Countryman SD All4 for a couple of years now anf the circular LCD display showing the heater and fan settings has progressively failed, and is now unreadable as far as temperature setting is concerned. I saw an episode of 'Wheeler Dealer" some time ago where they got one...
1-3 of 3 Results