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  1. Rear Seal ? N47c16A Oil Leak

    MINI Countryman
    2013 Mini Countyrman - ongoing dramas .. 1.6 Diesel Latest and hopefully last is OIL LEAK Bottom of Bell Housing is 'wet' just above the sump drain bolt. Oil drips on garage floor. Anything other than Timing Cover or Rear Main Seal that I should check ???? Already had the engine out...
  2. Code P1498 and terrible fuel economy

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    So, I noticed my fuel economy was pretty bad even with a pretty light foot. I am only getting about 200 miles before the gas light comes on, using 93 octane. I figure it's probably a vacuum leak somewhere because its throwing the P1498 code. I cannot find where it could be leaking, any...
  3. R57 - Leaking convertible. Water drips between roof and A-pillars

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi all, I have an R57 which is leaking between the rubber of the roof and either end of the windscreen (A-pillars). This means that the floor of both the drivers side and the passengers side becomes wet when it rains. Here is a picture of the rubber from which drops slowly fall down into the...
  4. leak at top of windshield

    First Generation MINI Exterior
    Hi all, I noticed some water on my dash after a rainstorm and some dampness in material at the top of the car. The molding along the top of the windshield is old and cracked and i was wondering if that could be the problem and if i can replace that molding without removing the windshield...