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  1. Footwell lights won't turn off

    MINI Interior & ICE
    Hi, I just bought a 2004 Mini convertible a couple of days ago. Tonight I noticed that the footwell lights aren't turning off automatically when I shut and lock the doors and I'm worried this will give me a flat battery. Can anyone help? I'm not very technical, so layman terms would be...
  2. Backup light on the stand 2012 model??

    General Discussion
    I have a standard 2012 mini Cooper and it's telling me one of my lights are out. I got someone to check and there's no light indicating I'm in reverse. So is there a reverse light and if so where?? I've checked the manual and it's not to helpful. I also noticed my back fog light isn't on, but I...
  3. Faulty xenon light drivers side

    First Generation MINI Cooper S
    Can anyone help I have a 55 plate Mini Cooper s convertible and love it but a couple of weeks ago when driving home at night realised the drivers headlight was out. I assumed it was a bulb as had worked before so ordered a pair. When the bulbs arrived I happily fitted them to then find it was...