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  1. 2006 mini r50

    General Discussion
    Hey folks new here. looked all over the web I had a short 2 wires touch in my driver visor and now no map/reading lights and no glove box lights all dome lights working, other lighting, gauges etc work. Lights worked just this morning so I know it’s not lamps. The orange little lights on the map...
  2. Problem With Union Jack Rear Lights

    General Discussion
    I have recently purchased a pair of Union Jack headlights for my 2012 Mini Cooper sd. When I installed them into my car there was an immediate problem with the lights. First of all the indicators didn’t work at all on either light. The brake lights work perfectly fine. I’m not sure if this is...
  3. Footwell lights won't turn off

    MINI Interior & ICE
    Hi, I just bought a 2004 Mini convertible a couple of days ago. Tonight I noticed that the footwell lights aren't turning off automatically when I shut and lock the doors and I'm worried this will give me a flat battery. Can anyone help? I'm not very technical, so layman terms would be...
  4. Backup light on the stand 2012 model??

    General Discussion
    I have a standard 2012 mini Cooper and it's telling me one of my lights are out. I got someone to check and there's no light indicating I'm in reverse. So is there a reverse light and if so where?? I've checked the manual and it's not to helpful. I also noticed my back fog light isn't on, but I...
  5. Faulty xenon light drivers side

    First Generation MINI Cooper S
    Can anyone help I have a 55 plate Mini Cooper s convertible and love it but a couple of weeks ago when driving home at night realised the drivers headlight was out. I assumed it was a bulb as had worked before so ordered a pair. When the bulbs arrived I happily fitted them to then find it was...