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limp mode

  1. Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    I just got a 2011 Mini S it ran great for about a month and suddenly I keep getting an odd “rattle almost metallic” noise and suddenly the car will put its self into limp mode “1/2 engine light” I have a check engine light and my code reader says it’s the down 02 sensor needing replaced. I have...
  2. First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hello all, Need your help for a problem that is starting to drive me mad. My R53 has been having a little problem in the last few weeks, to keep it short: The problem in general: when driving and starting to accelerate, the engine does not respond to the accelerator input and drops into limp...
  3. Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi, I have problem with my mini with limp mode and on diagnostics didn't show any codes i changed map and maf and nothing happened still in limp mode, all filters and oil are changed. I dont know what to do car won't over 3000 revs, I read in one forum that this car have one sensor at the bottom...
  4. MINI Cooper Diesel
    Hi i am new here and I do not know how to solve my problem, when i cold start my car it goes into limp mode but i can immediately restart car and everything is normal. Anyone know how to solve this??