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  1. What can go wrong with vanos phasers?

    Second Generation MINI Cooper
    Hi folks. I've got a 2007 Mini Cooper (non-turbo) which has had an infuriating vanos fault for months now. I keep getting codes 283D, 287D and 2845 and the idle is rough and fluctuating. I have replaced the following, to no avail: Timing chain, guides and crankshaft sprocket (Febi...
  2. Vanos adaptation values?

    Second Generation MINI Cooper
    Hi folks. I've got a 2007 Mini Cooper non-turbo. I've recently been experiencing a rough, fluctuating idle when starting from cold and a reduction in power, whether hot or cold. I'm getting code 287D which just keeps coming back. I've replaced both vanos solenoids and both camshaft position...
  3. N12 oil non-return valve or valves?

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    I'm trying to fault find a vanos problem on my 2007 Mini Cooper non-turbo N12 engine. I've checked the oil non-return valve on the front of the engine, below the exhaust vanos solenoid, and it's fine. I've been reading that there's also a non-return valve on the rear of the engine. Does anyone...
  4. Rough idle and P0015 fault code

    Second Generation MINI Cooper
    Hi Folks. Hope someone can help me out here. I've got a 2007 Mini Cooper non-turbo which suddenly stared stalling on me at traffic lights and pretty much every time I came to a standstill. There was no warning light at this point. After reading this forum, I decided to replace both Vanos...