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  1. First Generation Faults & Fixes
    For context I have a 2002 R53 which has a new starter. I have roll started the car, but when I do all the light on the dash turn off and the car shuts off like the alternator isn't charging the battery. I've also tried jump starting my mini with no luck the solenoid just clicks. I've cleaned the...
  2. MINI One
    Hi everyone, I’ve got a 2002 mini with 97k miles on the clock. It had a new clutch two years ago, but the past few days the gears are slipping. It has slipped out of first gear several times, and sometimes it feels like it takes forever to engage, with a lack of power. When I try to...
  3. First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hello i have some problems with my Mini cooper one 2002 , after i replaced Transmission with Clutch and gear box its knocking a lot specialy when i switch to 2nd gear also when i press gas pedal and let it go gas pedal it knocks like shake in front , i checked to mechanic he said engine mounts...
  4. First Generation Faults & Fixes
    My stock hk 6x9 speakers are making a weird noise it's not super loud but it is noticeable like a mix between static and a few squeeks in there I can't seem to upload the video but if anyone sends me there email adress if they need to hear the sound let me know thanks.
  5. General Discussion
    Hi What are those plastic vents called just under the wind shield on a (I think its a 02 moddel) thx:)
  6. General Discussion
    So i'm planning on getting my 110hp/240nm Cooper D tuned to ~155hp/310nm with the aid of having the DPF filter removed and a rolling road tune from a reputable and recommended via MINI2 tuner here in the UK that has done this many times over on my particular engine/car. once ive done this where...
  7. First Generation Interior & Ice
    I have a 2002 mini one 1.6 petrol. I’m trying to fit an aftermarket stereo. After finding harness that claims it fits my mini, it doesn’t. Does anyone know the correct harness needed to fit this one? Thank you in advanced!
1-7 of 7 Results