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  1. Squealing Noise When it Rains

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hi all! So every time it rains my car loves to make a high pitched squeal, allerting all of the neighbours (and everyone in a 30 mile radius tbh) of its presence. It usually sticks around for about 15mins before gradually dropping off as the moisture evaporates off the belt. Now this has been...
  2. Head Unit Upgrade

    MINI Interior & ICE
    Just bought a 2008 Clubman Auto and am looking to upgrade the head unit to a touch screen with reversing camera. Any tips on where to shop (preferably in Australia) would be greatly appreciated
  3. Electronic Steering System (ERS) Error 610C

    Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hello! First time posting a question, but I can't seem to find any answers from Dr. Google. I have a 2008 Mini Cooper S. Recently, the steering column started locking up on left turns. The attached photo shows the warning light that I get when that happens. I took it to the dealer and they...