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  1. 1 to 2+ revs when in neutral

    Second Generation MINI Cooper
    Hi , , My 2016 Mini Cooper is revving whilst in neutral, have turned off air con etc and it still does it,... anyone else had this?
  2. 2004 Cooper Acceleration Problem

    First Generation MINI Cooper
    Hi guys, I’ve got an 04 Cooper with a slight issue, if you floor it from cruising the revs will climb as usual until about 3200 rpm hold there for a couple of seconds and then carry on climbing as usual. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks
  3. Fog Light Trim Help!

    MINI Exterior
    Hey guys, I have just recently bought a 2006 Mini Cooper Park Lane, on Monday someone has hit me and driven off! In doing so they’ve knocked my passenger side fog light trim off, so I’ve ordered a new one which has come today. To me it just looks like it should push/clip in, but it seems very...
  4. My MINI resurrection

    Welcome New Members
    Just saying hello again after 8 years... 👋 This will be my 4th MINI, after selling my BMW 435i to pick up a F56 Cooper 5dr this weekend and very much looking forward to it. I have a few mods planned and looking to share pictures with you all soon :)
  5. Mini One 2005

    Mini One 2005

  6. How to read the inspection report? what is urgent what is not?

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hi everyone, I recently took my 2012 mini cooper to a MINI Dealership and get a full inspection done. The results have just come out and I was shocked at how many problems there are (I originally just wanted an oil change service), and now the total bill is $2600+... (also I don't know why they...
  7. Faulty Key Fob

    MINI Clubman
    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me, let me know if they too have had this issue or maybe a resolution? I recently bought a mini clubman 2016. I've had it for 3 weeks and have changed the battery for the key 4 times already! The first time I changed it the battery lasted 5/6 days and every...
  8. New Blog - JCW ADVENTURES - Celebrating MINI'S 60th Birthday with MINI UK

    General Discussion
    New Blog - JCW ADVENTURES - Celebrating MINI'S 60th Birthday with MINI UK JCW ADVENTURES - Click here to read the blog post
  9. R56 timing chain pre check and installation

    Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hi everyone slow to start here I guess i signed up quite some time ago. I guess I never took advantage of the better qualities of this website in earlier years. I was out sucking a ton of air into my r56 turbo charged cooper across the Midwest and Southwest. god bless everyone here and...
  10. FS: 2013 Mini Cooper - John Cooper Works

    2013 Mini Cooper JCW - John Cooper Works in Excellent Condition! White Exterior that includes Black Racing Stripes with Black Cloth Sport Interior that has customizable lighting 2nd owner and car has 88,000 miles with immaculate maintenance records since new at Schomp Mini in Denver Loaded with...
  11. Tritec vs Prince

    First Generation MINI Cooper S
    I heard from my local mechanic who has repaired many of my old BMWs that the Turbocharged 1.6 Prince engine is not the most reliable engine. Had one case where it took 3l of oil for 100km. Has someone had similar issues with the Prince engine? How does it compare to Tritec, any experience?
  12. My 06 MINI Cooper is making a grinding / scrapping noise after 30mps

    Welcome New Members
    I have mini cooper and have recently started hearing a noise from the engine when driving, its like a growling, scraping noise and it happens intermittently particularly post 30mph; it also make my brakes feel stiff like I’m grinding metal when the noise is present otherwise no issues. I have...
  13. New Blog - JCW ADVENTURES - The Original Heist: 50 Years Of The Italian Job

    General Discussion
    Celebrating 50 years of The Italian Job with MINI UK & Original Cast

    Dealership Feedback
    ATTN: ANYONE THINKING OF GETTING A MINI I need to get this out to anyone thinking of getting a Mini. I am so disappointed. Please read and feel free to message me personally if you have had similar experiences. My specific experiences have happened at the downtown Toronto Mini dealership...
  15. Worth it to get cheap OBD reader to replace battery?

    MINI Countryman
    Hey gang, I'm relatively new to Mini ownership. Our 2013 Countryman needs a new battery. I got one from Costco, but in the process of researching how to get the panel off etc to replace the battery, I discovered that the computer needs to be updated so the car changes how charging behaves for a...
  16. Mini Cooper (non S) engine knocking noise

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    My car (Mini Cooper 2008) is making a loud knocking noise at idle. The noise is not present when the engine is cold, but starts after a few minutes driving. Here is a video of the noise: The car has only driven 47 000 miles, works well and uses normal amounts of oil. The previous owner told...
  17. 2011 Mini R56 extra driving lights

    Second Generation MINI Exterior
    Hi all, Due to the overwhelming presence of the invisible kangaroos on the Australian roads, I have decided to buy some extra lights for my mini, but I opted not to get the official ones, as they are too expensive for a secondary school student like me, so I bought a set of these...
  18. Mini One D

    Welcome New Members
    Hey Eveyone, I'm from Portugal and I'm new to the forum! I've recently obtained a Mini One D from 2013 and loving it so far (2nd car I've owned since I got my license - the first being a 1990 Toyota Celica :big_grin: ) Posting a photo of the little one! Cheers
  19. Registration

    MINI Clubman
    We have sold our BMW mini and have a personalised number plate available. Registration number is CL08MUN and is on a DVLA retention certificate. If you wish to add a personal touch to a well loved car [email protected]